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A calculator is an electronic device or software used to perform mathematical calculations. Calculators can perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as more complex calculations such as trigonometric functions, logarithms and square roots.

There are several types of calculators, including basic calculators, scientific calculators, financial calculators, and graphing calculators. Basic calculators are the most common type and are used for simple arithmetic calculations. Scientific calculators have additional advanced math functions, while financial calculators are used for financial calculations such as compound interest and mortgage payments. Graphing calculators are used to draw graphs and solve equations.


Computers can be both physical devices and software programs. Physical calculators are portable and come in many shapes and sizes, while software calculators can be installed on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Calculators are widely used in various industries such as finance, engineering and education. They are also used in everyday life for tasks such as calculating tips in a restaurant, converting units of measurement, and calculating budgets.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I clear the calculator input?

Click the “C” button or “AC” button to clear the input.

Can I use decimals in my calculations?

Yes, you can use decimals in your calculations by clicking the “.” button.

What happens if I divide by zero?

The calculator will display “Infinity” or “NaN” depending on the calculation.

How do I perform a calculation with negative numbers?

To perform a calculation with negative numbers, enter the “-” sign before the number. For example, to subtract 5 from -10, enter “-10-5”.

Can I use the keyboard to enter numbers and perform calculations?

Yes, you can use the keyboard to enter numbers and perform calculations. The following keyboard keys are supported: 0-9, +, -, *, /, ., Enter, and Backspace.

How many operands can I use in a calculation?

This calculator supports two operands. You can perform calculations using two numbers at a time.

How do I undo my last entry?

Click the “⌫” (backspace) button to remove the last character you entered in the input field.

Can I chain calculations together?

No, this calculator does not support chaining calculations together. You can only perform one calculation at a time.

What happens if I click an operator button multiple times?

The calculator will use the last operator you clicked. For example, if you click the “+” button twice, the calculator will use the “+” operator for your calculation.

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